Telephone engineer covering Shropshire/Cheshire/Staffordshire/North Wales. Each telephone engineer is trained for BT faults within the home and office.

We undertake all phone and internet faults and repairs. All telephone engineers covering your area are uniformed and all vehicles are sign written.

We undertake BT phone line faults by a booking service that usually enables us to complete the telephone line repair within three days of booking, (sometimes the same day).

Please go to the price listing page located at the top of the page for a quote to install a new telephone socket or repair an existing phone point.
All Telephone Man phone engineers are able to repair internet/broadband sockets.

Our home service starts from where your telephone line comes into your home\master socket.

Too often we find that telephone suppliers have tendencies to blame other companyís equipment rather than assist you in resolving your problem. As we are BT trained telephone engineers we are able to confirm if your internet fault is caused by your broadband supplier,(external fault), your computer, in house telephone extensions, modem, or link cables between your phone socket and modem.

If you call on your service provider to repair a fault a BT Openreach telephone engineer will come out to your home to repair any phone line fault, they will charge you if its found that the phone line fault is within your home rather than an external fault, again if the fault is your own equipment they will only disconnect the fault not repair it, resulting in you then needing our service to reconnect and repair your internal phone extensions and outside telephone bells etc.

BT line faults
Although we are not able to resolve a BT line fault, we can help you to identify that the outside line is in-fact faulty and therefore avoid incurring a charge by a BT Openreach telephone engineer for a non-faulty line call out.

If you are having problems with a wireless broadband connection then Telephone Man should be able to help, as telephone engineers working in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, North Wales and surrounding areas we frequently find that a wireless network within the home is not always a solution to your internet requirements, (some homes within Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire and North Wales date back hundreds of years).

Sometimes a simple solution is to install a telephone socket into the centre of the property and connect your wireless router into it, if that isnít going to resolve the wireless internet\broadband problem then a more in depth solution is required.

Cat5\computer cable\home network\wireless internet solutions. ~
For over a decade offices around the world have used computer cables to serve anything from 1 to 1000 computers within a single building, all computers within an office environment have an internet feed from a central point also located on the premises. As with everything else within a commercial environment once proved to be a perfect working tool it is then transferred over into a requirement for the home.

Networks within a modern property\home are now more than ever required to serve a vast array of telephone and broadband equipment.
As telephone engineers we frequently find that a wireless network simply isnít sufficient when there is 2-3 computers, a wireless printer, an X-Box,Wii, I-Pod etc.

We are able to install a series of computer sockets into each room where internet connections are needed overcoming all wireless broadband faults. Most modern day modems also known as routers have an internet capacity of 4 items being connected to it. We are able to offer a home service that provides either all rooms being wired or a combination of wired and wireless.

Having already had experience of many problems within the home phone\broadband we feel that Telephone Man offers a very reasonable priced service that resolves your home network problems cheaply and effectively in a reasonable time. If you have spent the last three hours of your life trying to communicate with a call centre somewhere on the other side of the world then you need to give us a call, you will speak direct to an English speaking telephone engineer that understands all your questions and problems that you have.

If you have reported a fault your service provider should tell you to do this first test:

Your service providers line testing equipment is very sophisticated and rarely wrong, if you have been told that there is a fault in the property or a ca (customer apparatus) fault then it is very likely there is a fault.

Phone Line Checks..... This will help you do some initial checks

This is the type of phone socket supplied by service providers and is named the NTE5 (master socket) which should be the first socket in the premises, this is what decides who owns the wiring and who is responsible for repairs.

The socket consists of two parts The main socket (owned by BT openreach) which is the part secured to the wall (in blue) and the Front Plate,the lower half,(your part of the phone socket) which is secured to the main socket with 2 front plate screws
The test socket
Remove the front plate by removing the 2 front plate screws and you will see the test socket shown left.

Insert a phone in to the test socket,(a real phone with a cable connection rather than a cordless phone). If you have clear dial tone here then your internal wiring is at fault.

If you still have no dial tone or it is still faulty then it is possibly the responsibility of the service provider to repair.

Please also be vigilant
If any part of the main socket is damaged and or damp, corroded or tampered with charges may apply.
You may not have the master socket,(NTE5) above fitted, it may look like the below picture. If so then you will not be able to test your line without removing the extension wiring from behind if any attached.
This test is not a 100% guarantee that you will not be charged, some other factors may be involved for example:

Someone has wired extensions at or before the test socket.

External/internal damage to the wiring that feeds the first socket, service providers call this damage or 3rd party damage.

The test socket is not the first socket in the property, and there are other sockets and wiring before this.

If in any doubt call us

Some possible Faults

Fault Cause
Noisy crackly line Internal or external fault check at test socket
No Dial tone Internal or external fault check at test socket
Intermittent Noisy line Internal or external fault check at test socket when fault occurs
Intermittent noise on line which changes according to the weather Most likely external fault. Still check at test socket
Over hearing crossed line If you have only one line coming in to the property. Most likely external fault
Out going calls ok but no incoming call This is most likely an exchange fault or a call divert on your line. Contact your service provider. You may even have a different phone number especially if you are receiving unwanted calls asking for a person unknown.
Faint line 90% of the time this is due to too many phones plugged in. 3-4 is usually the max, try unplugging some
ADSL connection heard over line (Happens frequently) This may be due to faulty installed wiring (star wired), wiring contact fault, faulty or no ADSL filter fitted on plugged in phone, ADSL equipment faulty (earth) sky box or other equipment (laptop, gaming machine,(X-Box etc), desktop computer, fax machine etc) faulty ... Unplug everything
Telephone only rings once on an incoming call If calling out from your home is ok but you only hear a single ring for incoming calls then this is nearly always an internal fault

We at Telephone Man always recommend that you seek advice from a qualified telecoms engineer to undertake installation and/or repairs to your property wiring.